experience Puncak and its surroundings


Facilities near The Villa:

The must-see places in Puncak: Cibodas National Park (mountainous area of Mt. Gede Pangrango with Cibodas water fall), Safari Garden ,  Flower Garden Park and Cipanas city area
There are a lot of restaurants , authorized money changers and grocery stores near the villa location.
There is no private pool in the villa, but there are many public swiming pools near the location, ie: Cipanas city, Kota Bunga (Flower City) and Cimacan area
Note: Located at Puncak-Cipanas-Cianjur area. The access was easy, but traffic from-to Cipanas/Cianjur/Puncak in weekend was heavy. There was open/close route at certain hour between Puncak-Ciawi, so consider this in planning the trip there. The guest would better prefer to go to Puncak in the early morning (before 10 .00 am) or at night (after 18.00 pm).




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