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 Villa Sophia Cimacan Puncak

+62 813 3429 1373

Bumi Cimacan Valley, JL. Raya Puncak-Cipanas CV VI G24 DE, Cimacan, Cipanas, Jawa Barat 43253



Map of Villa Destination (3)



Cimacan is situated in the valley of Mt.Gede-Pangrango, Located about 90 kilometres (56 mi)  South of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia. Between Ciawi and Cipanas in the mountains lays Puncak, a cool area, fresh air, and the magnificent view offer a calm, fresh and peaceful feeling. Cimacan area is a three to four hours drive from Jakarta on the Jagorawi toll road. Be aware there is usually heavy inbound traffic on weekends and public holiday.

Cimacan is an ideal place for vacations, as well as a good location to find a fresh mountain air. Cimacan area is familiar with its fresh air and beautiful panorama. Cimacan has a tropical rainforest climate

Many attractions can be found nearby, such as the Cibodas Botanical Garden; the Puncak Pass; the Mt. Gede Pangrango National Park; the National Flower Garden, Another tourist attraction, just noth of the Cimacan area, is the Taman Safari, a wildlife park, is also located in Puncak.



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